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Due to the nature of swimming being a high intensity & endurance sport, training required the intake of certain supplements to prevent hydration and a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. I’m not a sports nutrition scientists, but over the years some MPS members were given an in-depth explanation on the difference in nutritional needs between different sport codes while being involved with TUKS HPC.

The only sport which comes mildly close to the nutritional needs of swimming will be cycling. During the 4-year cycle of our MPS HPC Group, we were privileged enough to meet most of the top sport scientists, nutritionists, coaches and Olympic Swimmers from all over the world. We were also involved in various sport science testing routines with our HPC swimmers during the 4 years.

Due to the nutritional needs (specifically hydration & stable blood sugar levels) of hard training swimmers, TUKS HPC recommended the use of certain PVM products. Due to the purpose of the HPC Training Program, focus was on training and our swimmers were encouraged to use certain PVM products. Other products can also be used for other purposes. TUKS HPC recommended the use of PVM products mainly do to the following reasons:

  • Certain products are specifically formulated for code specific sports – like swimming/cycling/etc.
  • TUKS have been using the products with great success
  • PVM is the official nutritional supplement used by TUKS HPC due to the fact that it was the only supplement brand which were able/willing to offer TUKS HPC an unconditional guarantee to be clean of any prohibited substances.

Please note that we are not saying other products are inferior or full of prohibited substances. Unfortunately most supplements cater for the broader sporting community and/or the “yuppy” sportsman, who thinks tights, smallest possible shirt, tekkies and a sport supplement in a bottle adds to his/her image. We are also all aware of the tremendous amount of “rubbish” available on the market, with all kinds of performance enhancement attributes. In swimming, these “promises” unfortunately never deliver and don’t add any value at all.

The PVM Product range doesn’t offer any promises or miracles, but merely provides nutritional support for the serious and hard trainer. If a swimmer doesn’t use normal diluted fruit juice with a pinch of salt during hard training, then he/she can seriously consider the PVM products. Coaches want the swimmers to be able to maintain high energy levels during training or swimmers to ensure proper recovery after swimming sessions. In this regard, PVM has some products for the water bottle next to the pool during training or after hard training sessions.

For the serious and hard trainers, we can recommend the use of PVM Octane during training and if required PVM Re-Ignite after training for recovery purposes. If you don’t follow a proper diet during the day, PVM Fusion might also be considered prior to training sessions. As mentioned, we used the products during the HPC training camps, HPC training sessions and some swimmers also continued to use these products locally during training sessions.

MPS entered into a similar agreement with PVM to supply MPS with products at a reduced or semi-sponsored price. MPS will be purchasing some of the products on a monthly basis to reduce the cost for parents. Should any swimmer be interested, MPS will be ordering stock from PVM on a monthly basis and we will also carry some stock. The products come in different flavours. Each swimmer has his/her preferred flavour.

We will be sending out further information in due course, but cost saving will be between ±30% - 40% on retail price. Again we suggest parent compare our prices with local retail prices.

As mentioned, our concern is the “trainer” and we will therefore carry some stock (Octane & Re-Ignite), but parents can order any other product as well.

We hope you find the aforementioned in order. We are aware of the financial strain proper training & participation places on parents, hence our effort to try and make swimming as affordable as possible to our members.

To place your order contact Ronel Bekker on 079 801 9209 or bekker.ronel@gmail.com

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