Notice to Clubs, Coaches & LTS Instructors

In view of the recent announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa, pertaining to the proposed transition from National Lockdown Level 4 to National Lockdown Level 3, we are all awaiting confirmation on the possible “return to swim”.

The SASCOC War Room, of which SSA is a member, has been in constant negotiations with SRSA on the soonest possible return to “play”. Proposals and business plans have been presented to SRSA on the proposed best practices and protocols to start opening up various sport codes. Unfortunately, the final decision lies with the National Command Council (NCC) and we are all eagerly awaiting a final decision in this regard. A positive decision will obviously be subject to strict regulations and a phased opening up of different sport codes will take place over time. Since the decisions taken by the NCC are influenced by a “panel of specialists/scientists”, it is impossible to predict the outcome of NCC resolutions and SASCOC therefore doesn’t want to create unqualified expectations for federations.

In view of the aforementioned, we are awaiting a decision from the NCC and hopefully the release of regulations. As soon as the much anticipated information becomes available, we will immediately communicate with all members.

Please note however that the general opening up of swimming will not happen. At this stage, sport codes (to be supported by the NCC) will probably have to focus on “high performance” training under strict regulations. SSA did however include a “Learn to Swim” proposal and if successful, we assume it will also be subject to strict regulations. Please don’t expect anything to return to any level of normality and don’t assume LTS will get the green light. At least, we can confirm that swimming and LTS are being “pushed” by SSA and SASCOC. SSA is very aware of the devastating impact Covid-19 had and is still having on the all our members. We trust (hope) to have some positive information/confirmation later this week, but unfortunately nobody is willing to predict what the outcome of deliberations by the NCC will be.

We furthermore request members to wait for official communication from SSA and not to give much attention to fake news. As mentioned before, we are all frustrated and desperate for a return to some form of normality – for our clubs, coaches, LTS instructors and swimmers. The NCC, SRSA and SASCOC only entertain communication with and from official national sport federations. It is therefore in everyone’s best interest to await official communication from official sport bodies.